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We offer one of the most flexible Aircraft Charter Services in Australia - wether it be for immediate Corporate Travel, Special Purpose or Holiday Trips or an Urgent MediVac situation; Corporate Wings are at your service
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 MediVac & Rescue Services
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Our Services include:

  • MediVac - Patient pick-up, transfer and delivery flights - stretcher or wheelchair cases included.
  • Rescue Flights - Emergency evacuation.  For people stranded or who need immediate repatriation after natural or man-made disasters or terrorist acts or attacks.  
  • Organ Harvest or Retrieval and Delivery flights.
  • Emergency delivery of medical equipment and personnel to assist in treatment of life threatening emergency cases.

Our new Citation Sovereign aircraft has the most modern equipment and facilities in Australia, including a full "LifePort" dual stretcher transfer system and recovery system available onboard.  Two stretcher patients are possible.

This system allows easy airside transfer for stretcher cases from ambulance to inside the aircraft.  Delays are minimal, comfort is maximum. 

When configured in this system, there are 5 seats available for medical personnel to travel with the one patient.  4 personnel can travel is the double stretcher stretcher configuration is used.

Many options exist - travel within Australia and New Zealand can be immediate, destinations and pickups outside Australia are subject to Crew (pilot) duty times and normal (but expedited) formalities with Customs and Immigration officials.  Organ donor retrieval and delivery flights are also catered for.

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VH-VPL in Medi-Vac Configuration Citation Sovereign 11 Seat with full ambulance / medivac facilities is now available.

Typical standard configuration

Two Patients can be accommodated or evacuated at the same time.

These pictures show the easy loading "LifePort" patient transfer and retrieval system that is now fitted to our aircraft.


The LifePort system is supplied as a "quick change module" to enable the flight crew to reconfigure the aircraft from VIP to medical transfer flights in just 40 minutes. The LifePort system meets all FAA (USA) and CASA (Australian) certifications.


All ancillary equipment, oxygen connections, electrical supply and other medical requirements can be organised and supported as required.

The following pictures were taken in our Sovereign aircraft during fit-out trials at the Wichita Cessna factory late 2009.


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