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We offer one of the most flexible Aircraft Charter Services in Australia - wether it be for immediate Corporate Travel, Special Purpose or Holiday Trips or an Urgent MediVac situation; Corporate Wings are at your service:-
  Australia Wide
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Cessna Sovereign VH-VPL awaits your charter

Cessna Citation 680 Sovereign VH-VPL on arrival in Australia in late 2009 straight from the Cessna factory in Wichita USA.


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  The Aircraft at left is our New Cessna Citation Sovereign jet aircraft - VH-VPL fitted with up to 10 seats (2 Pilots + 8) and is operated and piloted to exact Australian Airline standards.  It can also be fitted out with a twin stretcher "LifePort" system for emergency medical retrieval or organ transfer.

  We are able to provide time effective immediate travel to all destinations in Australia and Oceania.  The aircraft can operate out of major and country airports.

  No flight is too small, no enquiry too trivial, we understand you may be working under pressure or have immediate concerns and needs.  We can help.

  The aircraft is normally based at Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport (YBCG) in Queensland, 60nm south of Brisbane, but can be relocated and re-positioned as required.

  Why should you Charter our Aircraft ???

   Time is Money....

Never before in business has it been more important than to manage and organise your business time effectively. 

And travel by airlines can be a major waste of time...... In our global market these days, one moment you could be negotiating with a major local account, and with the arrival of the next Email, Phone Call or Text Message you could be required to be in Mildura, Alice Springs, Perth, King Island or Christchurch instantly to secure that important order.

 We can make it happen, within the hour if needed.

A quick business trip, immediate delivery of a critical spare part or machine, or an urgent MediVac or rescue situation, is our absolute speciality. Don't waste time in airline queues, baggage lines or with expensive car parking,  Park outside our facility, board our aircraft and depart.  No tickets required !!!

And return when you want....  at your leisure.....

One of the other aircraft available to us is also fitted with a wheelchair loading winch ramp which allows direct loading without any hassles or privacy concerns or issues for the individual.

   Can we help you ?

Ciation Encore VH-VPL

Corporate Wings own and operate our own aircraft.  We also have access to many others, our Pilots all hold the highest qualifications possible.

Our normal charter aircraft is a brand new Cessna Citation Sovereign 10 seat jet - VH-VPL Serial number #C680-0250 and was delivered into Australia brand new in the 4th quarter of 2009.

Now in service, this aircraft is available for charter and all MediVac or Rescue operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.  Please Call . . .

We would be pleased to offer it for your future business trips, either within Australia or any of our immediate overseas localities.

      OR- For your next Holiday . . . . we can fly you to -

Looking for that Ultimate Unique Australian Holiday or a Quiet Romantic Island Get-Away ....

  Imagine holidaying on the Great Barrier Reef in this 137 ft pure pleasure vessel - The DeLisle III is your pure pleasure option. 1 day or for up to 2 weeks - Island cruising at its best - just for you and your friends and family. Onboard jacuzzi, jet skis, snorkelling equipment, all fully catered and waiting for you and your family ....

  Cruise the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday's on your own private, fully crewed, fully catered and serviced 137 ft motor yacht.

  Our Associate Company " Sea Air Charters 1300 CHARTERS " can arrange it all - even the flights to and from the DeLisle III yacht in our very own Sovereign aircraft .... a complete hassle free holiday package just for you and your friends and family.

Please Visit Sea Air Charters  for all the info and details.

The 130ft Majesty - DeLisle III

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