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        Brief overlay of Citation Sovereign aircraft:

Seating capacity: 8 passengers in double club configuration
9 passengers if no hostess required (side facing seat)
Toilet: YES - full flushing
Vanity: Wash basin with hot water
Hostess/Steward: YES extra charges apply
Communications: Two satellite telephones for passengers
In flight Airshow: 6 LCD screens deliver flight progress information
XM satellite radio: 500 + channels available in USA and Europe
Australia late in 2010
Crew:  Normal compliment is two pilots (3 on extended international journeys)
Range: 2500 to 2900 nautical miles (4600 to 5370 kilometres)
Air-conditioned: YES
Safety equipment: Life jackets, two life rafts with dual redundant capacity
Locator beacons in each life raft
Refreshments: Food preparation area, cool storage
Oven to be fitted in late year 2010

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